It seems there are five books in the Anthony Masters series I’m currently reviewing: Horror Stories, Scary Tales, Vampire Stories, Ghost Stories and Werewolf Stories. That means I’m exactly halfway through, but since the books are quite short I should start looking at what’s up next. Ideas include:

Horrorscopes – UK teen horror series based around zodiac signs. Anthony Masters wrote one of them.

Zodiac Chillers – US teen horror series based around zodiac signs. Mostly written by authors who contributed to the infamous Point Horror.

Horowitz Horror – short story collections written by Anthony Horowitz, however, there are only three books

Horror High – Point Horror/Fear Street rip off

Terror Academy – another Point Horror/Fear Street rip off. My only question mark over this one is that the series apparently has a creepy fixation with rape, which can’t (or shouldn’t) be made fun of.

Any preferences and/or requests for something else? Let me know!